Whitney’s Knock Off Nightmare

February 22, 2015
Whitney's Knockoff Knightmare

Every horror story begins with a villain… Whitney fell in love with this peacock inspired prom gown, but this knock off nightmare from a Chinese retailer on Ebay, came looking more like roadkill. Thankfully, they are not listed as a seller currently, but it’s important to note that even on Ebay, stores can grossly misrepresent their products. For a complete list of questionable sites check out our Known Knockoff Sites page.

Whitney’s Story – “Here’s one for ya, it was meant to be my school formal dress and was meant to be ‘made to measure’ what a joke, way too long.”

Advertised Dress vs. Actual Dress

Advertised Dress vs. Actual Dress

Here you can see the inner lining was visibly shorter than the outside layer (which was too long). Whitney was unable to obtain a refund because the dress was “made to her measurements.”

Whitney’s story continues – “The dress had a zip rather than lace up, which we ordered it as lace up. It also had a train when it wasn’t suppose to.”

Dress with unwanted train

Dress with Unwanted Train

Along with the train, here is another great view of the outer layer being considerably longer than the inner.

More from Whitney – “It was meant to just be a one piece A-line but instead, had a seam at the waist line. I think we can tell which one is the one I had ordered. lol”

Waistline and sequins instead of beading

Waistline and Cheap Sequins

Here you can see large, cheap sequins instead of actual beads in peacock pattern. The dress also has no inner structure, so the waist is rippled and the sweetheart neckline was cut lopsided. Thanks for sharing your Knock off Nightmare with us, Whitney.

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