The Kindergarten Craft Class Nightmare

July 4, 2015
Bridesire Nightmare - Kindergarten Craft Class

Every horror story begins with a villain… this Knockoff Nightmare comes from a website called We’re not quite sure where to begin in describing this nightmare. It honestly looks like it was a class project for gradeschoolers. We can only imagine how the victim felt when opening this package. For a complete list of questionable sites check out our Known Knockoff Sites page.

From the victim – “Pictures paint a 1000 words. Let the pictures I have of the light blue dress I ordered compare with what they showed on the website.”

Bridesire Nightmare

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Aside from the obvious – what the hell were they thinking when they sewed on the sleeves – there is more wrong than meets the “camera lens.”

Even in the picture, the bust pad outline can be seen, which means it is all the more glaring in person. One of the bust pads is also migrating under her armpit…..

The victim continues – “The quality of workmanship was atrocious!! I would highly recommend that you never take the chance of purchasing from them. We also took a chance and purchased our daughters wedding dress from them and it too was horrible. It didn’t look like the picture at all and the measurements were way off.”

“I don’t believe that they are careful or have any desire to produce quality workmanship. I would say to never use a companies own website as a guide when it comes to testimonies.they will only show the positive ones and I’m sure they are very rare!”

We realize that a lot of times ordering a dress of the internet seems like a good idea at the time, but as this nightmare clearly shows, what you see is not always what you get. The quality of this knockoff is one of the worst we’ve seen. Be careful so that you’re not a victim of… The Kindergarten Craft Class Nightmare!

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