The Forever Nightmare… Or Was It?

July 1, 2015
The Forever Nightmare... Or Was It?

Every horror story begins with a villain… this Knockoff Nightmare comes from a website called The site is now defunct… apparently forever isn’t as long as you think. Do you suppose you’ll get your money back if a website just shuts down?? It happens more than you think. Many times without fulfilling current orders, and girls are left with no dress, and no money to buy a new one. Sometimes websites shut down, only to come back under a different name to prey on a whole new batch of unsuspecting shoppers. For a complete list of questionable sites check out our Known Knockoff Sites page.

The Forever Nightmare... Or Was It?

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Here we break down the problems and differences one at a time.

  1. Delicate and clear beads and sequins on the original….plastic rhinestones and silver sequins on the knockoff??
  2. The neckline has pretty tear dropped shaped pearls and a small trim. Along the neckline of the knockoff is a string of tiny pearl beads just waiting for one wrong move to send the pearls scattered all over the floor. Also, the tear dropped pearls have been replaced with pear shaped plastic rhinestones. Don’t forget the larger, cheap, plastic pearl cluster right there front and center.
  3. The knockoff has cheap and uneven appliques decorated with silver sequins sewn onto the sheer top – you can see the stitching and the overlap of mesh – which should have been trimmed.
  4. The belt is not even close to the original, other than the width.
  5. The original has soft layers that give the bottom fullness. The knockoff is one layer of tulle with one layer of organza, so you can see the lining right through it. A petticoat won’t change that.
  6. All is not lost though… at least the bow looks good.

We realize that a lot of times ordering a dress of the internet seems like a good idea at the time. What you have to be careful of is sites that are here today, and gone tomorrow. What seems like the promise of forever can often be just a temporary fling… but the very real pain of being fooled can often feel like… The Forever Nightmare!

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