Nikki’s Knock Off Nightmare

July 22, 2015
Nikki's Knockoff Nightmare -

Every horror story begins with a villain… this Knockoff Nightmare comes from According to their website… “ works with the most trusty and professional manufacturers in China as well as India” and… “To choose is to make a trusty friend who will source only the best goods for you.” Apparently they really want you to know how trusty they are. But this next bit really left us scratching our heads… “For customers intended to buy made-to-order dresses, it is very important to know about the potential risks. Please consult the professional doctor the feasibility of purchasing made-to-order dresses.” Do what now??? We know they use cheap fabrics, but is a doctor really necessary? For a complete list of questionable sites check out our Known Knockoff Sites page.

Nikki’s story – “This company is absolutely horrific to deal with. The dress I received was not only significantly different from their advertisement, but it has numerous manufacturing faults. Uneven and sloppy hems, poorly sewn in zip, uneven hemline, horrible misshappen bust, cosmetic damage to the fabric, unflattering bunching, sizing variance. The dress was unwearable.”

Aha!!!! This is where the doctor comes in… when you actually receive the dress you thought you were getting. They’re worried you might have a coronary right there on the spot!!

Nikki's Knockoff Nightmare -

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Nikki’s story continues – “I have tried numerous times to obtain a refund and have been given the run around. They will not honour their return policy, telling me that the dress was fine, that slight variance was to be expected (thanks to the custom nature of the gown), asking me to consider their profits and the impact that refunding would have on their business and finally offering me discounts on future purchases. Awful. They are a counterfeit business, taking pictures of designer dresses and making cheap copies. Steer clear!”

Thank you for sharing Nikki.

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