Nightmare Seller Spotlight –

June 7, 2015

  • The original coat claims to be a cashmere blend, the knock off is the cheap felt that another unhappy customer mentioned.
  • The original shows the cuffs going past the wrist, the knock off’s cuffs don’t even make it to her wrist.
  • When the jacket is buttoned, you can see that the hemline is uneven at the opening.
  • In the picture with the jacket hanging, you can see one of the cuffs was sewn unevenly.
  • To make it all the more fun, all the buttons are falling off!

From the customer: Last month I ordered two coats from DressLily. The one pictured here was advertised as a dark gray cashmere blend.

The size conversion chart on their website told me their large corresponded to a US women’s size medium, so I ordered both coats in large. Today they finally arrived—two weeks late even after I paid for express shipping—and surprise! Instead of the garments I thought I was buying, I have two cheaply made reproductions of higher quality items. The material and structure of the coats are radically different from their photos, many of the buttons are quite literally hanging on by a thread, the sleeve cuffs barely reach my wrists, and the pockets sit over my ribs.

Unsurprisingly, the gray coat isn’t cashmere but some kind of low-quality felt—the sort of material you’d expect a mass-produced Halloween costume to be made from. Both coats are way too small, very poorly made, and were apparently vacuum-sealed into bags so they arrived bunched up and wrinkled. Don’t waste your breath calling DressLily’s customer support line: it goes to directly to voicemail which is presumably never answered.

I’ve already filed a dispute against them with PayPal and another with the Better Business Bureau.I’m determined to get back every penny of the money I spent on this rubbish, plus the additional fee I paid for expedited shipping.

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