Nightmare Seller Spotlight –

June 7, 2015

  • Obviously the size is way off, despite the customer ordering a small
  • The materials are vastly different. It appears to be a wool pea coat, but the customer says it feels like felt.
  • One quality that almost all wool pea coats have is overlarge buttons. As you can see in the second picture, they used much smaller buttons and they are not even sewn on evenly.
  • The coat should have been flouncy at the bottom, but instead it is just hanging in a limp square. Not only did they use one cheap layer of tulle, but because the material and cut is incorrect, even with a seamstresses help, it will NEVER look like the original.

From the Customer: I saw an ad for this website on facebook & a great looking white coat for cheap. It seemed too good to be true (free shipping & all) but I decided to give it a try. After paying for a tracking number the tracking website & courier were sketching. Package arrived 3 weeks later & my first impression was it was a really light package for a what I thought to be winter coat.

It is laughable how terrible the quality & size were- button holes too small, coat too big (I ordered small). Buttons loosely stitched. No tags to indicate newness or sizing .Tulle was detachable & ripped. Material is super thin, like felt. The weight indicated online did not match the weight of the package. Coat looked nothing like the pictures online – they must have photoshopped it or worn a different coat.

Submitting a “ticket” to customer service requesting a refund only exacerbated the order. They finally responded 14 days later asking for pictures I had already attached. In the end, they gave no justifications for the mishaps I pointed out and suggested a $5 refund (~14% of the entire purchase price).

I tried to post a bad rating on the item on their website but of course the moderator filters & only posts the good ones (which I fell for in the beginning & suspect to be fake)

Please do not buy from this website, if something looks too good to be true it is.

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