Nightmare Seller Spotlight –

June 7, 2015
Nightmare Seller Spotlight -
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  • The neckline should be a boat-neck, with a mock strap. What was received has wide straps
  • The dress shown is in matte-satin, the knockoff is shiny satin (which is flimsy, floppy, and the lowest costing type of satin)
  • The sewing of the bow to give it proper placement and shape is atrocious.
  • The skirt should be a pencil silhouette, not a slim a-line.

From the customer: I placed an order on November 6, 2014 for three items, the quality being extremely poor on all three. However, what was gut-wrenching was that I purchased a dress which is shown in a photograph saved from the website that was meant to be for my graduation from my doctorate program overseas.

As you can imagine, the cost of overseas tuition is a killer for self-funded individuals and the dress, seemed reasonable for the style. Upon receipt of the dress nearly one month later, I received my own personal nightmare before Christmas, literally!!!! As you can see, the embellished bow is not the image of the dress shown on the left. I’m not certain what to make of that sorry attempt of sewn detailing!

Not to mention, the length of the dress is not at all knee length! I’m not sure whether they ran out of material or were simply trying to save on material. Since early December 2014, I have been sending back and forth messages with customer “service” and getting no where.

It is officially two months later since I’ve mailed the dress back for a return and they continue to delay shipment of a proper-dress/refunding my money/providing store credit (although I would rather blow my money on a more legitimate store that would further increase the zeros in my bank account than to ever purchase from this company again!) Word of Advice: POTENTIAL BUYERS, BEWARE OF LEGALIZED CRIMINALS!!!

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