Nightmare Seller Spotlight –

June 7, 2015
Nightmare Seller Spotlight -
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Yowza, where do we even begin?? From top to bottom, we guess. Obviously, the flowers are not quite the same and some ladies would have been willing to overlook that if the following weren’t going on:

  • The neckline in the original is round, the neckline in the knock off is boatneck
  • The sleeve is supposed to come back in to give it a fitted look, which it doesn’t do in the knock-off
  • The waist is supposed to come into a nice, trim a-line. There is no shape in the knock-off, it is square. If you are thinking that is a quick fix by having it taken in, you’d be wrong. The bodice will have to be separated from the skirt because they both will need to be brought in and the skirt will need its gathering redone to accommodate the extra material.
  • The flowers are supposed to spread outwards from the waist, yet there is a huge gap of nothingness
  • Last but not least, they used the cheapest organza they could get their hands on. Nice organza does not reflect light that way

From the Customer: I ordered two dresses and both were horrible.This site is awful and not what I expected AT ALL. The prices are low but the clothing is cheaply made, uncomfortable, not at all like the pictures presented online. Do not order from this site, it is a waste of time and money. This is a picture of the dress I ordered and me with it on. Worst experience I have had with online ordering.

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