Nightmare Seller Spotlight –

June 7, 2015

Knockoff sites come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you’re on a site with quality merchandise. When browsing these sites, customers often rely on the reviews of the products to help them decide whether to make a purchase. The problem with that is most places control the reviews displayed on their site, and also pay for artificial reviews. You can’t trust their Facebook page either, because they disable the ratings system, leaving only the comment feed which can be easily manipulated. Here at Knock Off Nightmares we want to try and shine a light on these sites to help you make the best decision possible. Be very cautious about where you buy. Don’t rely on what the site is putting up for reviews. Go to places that have unsolicited and unfiltered reviews for the truth before you spend your hard earned money!

This week we’re shining the light on We scanned through 488 reviews on for this site alone. Over 50% of the complaints were because the order was never received and the site was claiming their item had been shipped – even providing fake tracking numbers. We saw one post that after 5 months still had not gotten their items or a refund.

Nightmare Seller Spotlight -
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  • The color is not what the customer expected
  • There are no darts in the chest area to give it a fitted shape
  • Instead of a wide waistband, there is just a seam where the skirt and top were sewn together

From the Customer: The dress I ordered is not even the same color as the picture. The area that goes around the dress is smaller, shorter, and thinner than what is shown in the picture. This dress looks like it’s been made in a sweat shop. Glad I did not pay a lot of money for this.

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