Nightmare in Review… Everything is Not Coming Up Roses

May 6, 2015

Unfortunately, wedding and formal wear shoppers aren’t the only ones that can get burned by a knockoff site. Whether you’re a bride looking for a wedding gown, a prom girl searching for a good deal, or just someone shopping for a cute anytime dress, you have to be careful. Knockoff sites come in all shapes and sizes.

We were approached by Brittany, who is a fashion blogger and Youtuber who contacted us about a review she did for the website

Companies send her their products for an honest Youtube review. Brittany actually knew from one look at their website and prices that they weren’t selling quality garments and she tried to politely decline. They, however, responded in an email with broken English (that’s always fun to deal with when you are spending your hard earned, right?) that they had set up and account with a $15 credit. She decided to go ahead and try it.

Now, one might think that if a company were going to send you a product to review, they would make sure it was the best one they had in stock, right? RIGHT?! Wrong. Brittany shares the details here and was a good enough sport to even model the scrap of unwearable fabric they sent her. Thanks for sending us the video, Brittany!

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