Meghan’s Knock Off Nightmare

February 28, 2015
Meghan's Knock Off Nightmare

Every horror story begins with a villain… this knock off nightmare comes from For a complete list of questionable sites check out our Known Knockoff Sites page.

Meghan’s Story – “Thank you so much for having this page. I got married this past September. I went into a bridal store to try on dresses about a year ago. I found one I absolutely fell in love with but could not afford.”

Meghan Trying on the Designer Dress

Meghan Trying on the Designer Dress

Here is the dress that Meghan tried on in the bridal store. You can see the quality of the delicate crystal beading and drop waist design.

Meghan’s story contiunes – “I didn’t want to stress my fiancé out so I decided I would look online to see if I could find it somewhere cheaper. I found the exact same (photo) of the dress that the woman from the bridal store sent me.”

Designer Dress vs Knockoff

Designer Dress vs Knockoff

This is the dress that the website advertised for sale. At no time did they say you were getting their version of the dress. That, we think, is the most important aspect of these stories. These sites prey on the hopes and dreams of girls everywhere. They promise them the world, only to see it come crashing down when the dress arrives. A feeling Meghan describes perfectly below.

More from Meghan – “I rushed to get it ordered on time and when it came in, I was stunned. I cried for days, I wouldn’t try it on, it was not the dress I wanted. I didn’t have the time or money to order another dress so I had to make due with what I had. My wedding day came and all I could think of was how cheap my dress looked. I couldn’t enjoy my day properly because of the dress.”

Meghan's Dress

Meghan’s Dress

As you can see, the dress is nothing like the one advertised, with cheap embroidery, plastic beads, and large silver sequins. It clearly doesn’t have a drop waist like the original and the neckline is an uneven, almost pointy mess.

Meghan’s story concludes – “I sent a message to the owners of the site I ordered it from and they never got back to me. It’s nice to know that I am not alone in this.”

Meghan, you are most certainly not alone because at Knock Off Nightmares… We’re here to help. Thank you for sharing your story.

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