Jessica’s Knock Off Nightmare

February 12, 2015
Jessica's Knockoff Nightmare

Every horror story begins with a villain… this knock off nightmare comes from a shop on named DressSister. Thankfully, they are not listed as a seller currently, but it’s a great example of how a girl can get burned by a knockoff. For a complete list of questionable sites check out our Known Knockoff Sites page.

Jessica’s Story – “It took nearly 6 months to get my money back! At first the lady said if I didn’t compare it to the photo it’s nice, so I’ll just refund you $250 to keep it! I was like no way, who in the heck would wear an orange dress!”

Advertised Dress vs. Actual Dress

Advertised Dress vs. Actual Dress

When Jessica contacted the seller to express her disappointment in the dress she received, their first response was to try and get her to just accept it, as shown in the picture below.

Company's first response

Company’s First Response

They made it clear the dress didn’t match their picture, but instead of offering a full refund immediately they basically said… If you’d stop comparing it to the picture we advertised and just accept that it’s not the dress you actually thought you were getting, everything would be fine. This is a classic tactic of knockoff sites. They know that once the dress gets to you, they have the upper hand and will try anything to stick you with the knockoff dress.

Jessica’s story continues – “She then said I could return it but I had to pay over $100 to ship it back, then wouldn’t send a shipping address. So I told Etsy and they threatened to suspend her account if she didn’t send an address.” This is when Jessica finally got a real response, and only because they were threatened by Etsy with suspension. It seems their biggest issue, as you can see in this picture below, is the 1 star rating.

Seller's second response

Seller’s Second Response

They seem desperate to have the rating removed. Even going so far as to admit that the quality was poor and the dress wasn’t like the picture.

Here is one more attempt to persuade Jessica to just accept the dress. These knockoff sites are relentless once they have your money.

Seller's last response

Seller’s Last Response

More from Jessica – “So she then sent a fake sheet of what looked like she was issuing a refund to my credit card. My credit card company said it was bogus, but Etsy thought it was real and ended my claim. I finally got my credit card to refund me because she wouldn’t send an address. It took nearly 6 months of yelling and angry messages! I was so heartbroken. By the time I got my refund I had no time to get the blush dress I dreamt about.”

Jessica’s experience is the very reason that Knock Off Nightmares was created, to help girls avoid the heartbreak that she went through. We’re just sorry we couldn’t save Jessica from this Horror Story.

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