Ashley’s Double Nightmare

March 7, 2015
Ashley's Knockoff Nightmare

Most horror stories usually begin with a single villain… NOT THIS ONE! This double nightmare comes from two Chinese retailers on Ebay named lovejesus36510 and yutao1011. It’s important to note that you have to be careful, even on Ebay, stores can grossly misrepresent their products. Ashley was looking for dresses for both the ceremony and reception, but got a double dose of disappointment instead. For a complete list of questionable sites check out our Known Knockoff Sites page.

In our conversations with Ashley she told us that the first dress was purchased… “off Ebay from seller Lovejesus36510, I’m still waiting on my reception dress to come, I bought them at the same time, unfortunately I found it on your site last week.”

Ashley's First Dress as Advertised

Ashley’s First Dress as Advertised

This dress that Lovejesus36510 advertised certainly takes your breath away, just as the knockoff she received did… but in two completely different ways.

Ashley's First Nightmare

Ashley’s First Nightmare

We don’t know where to begin. This picture left us speechless.

Ashley goes on to say – “This was supposed to be the one you already have pictured on your site, Allure 9008 I’ve sent it back, I’m waiting for my reimbursement.”

Ashley's Double Nightmare

Reception Dress as Advertised on Ebay

This beautiful Allure wedding gown photo has been used to fool brides more than once. We have a previous post about a knockoff of this dress on our Facebook Page. Unfortunately, Ashley didn’t find us in time to avoid purchasing the gown. Here is the dress that she received.

Ashley's Second Nightmare

Ashley’s Second Nightmare

When we talked to Ashley about sharing her story she told us “You’re more then welcome to post the pics too, yes they were awful, I would never recommend any girl ordering a dress from China. Sad as it is, they take advantage of us.”

Indeed they do, Ashley… Indeed they do. Thank you for sharing your story.

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