5 Ebay Beauties to Avoid… You Won’t Believe the Last One

April 15, 2015
Ebay Beauties to Avoid

5. We have to call bullshit on this one – this seller got insanely creative with her back story:

“Made to order wedding dress took 5 months to complete. Much of it done by hand. The designer does not wish recognition but was in another country aside from the United States when he made this for me. We exchanged a lot of information and when it got to me it was breathtaking.
It was his wedding gift to me and is priceless. He has designed numerous other dresses but none like this.”

“After the dress came, the more we thought about it, I felt awful, my designer friend understood however, we changed our theme completely and I wanted to go with Antique Ivory. Not enough time to make a new dress my friend, who shall remain nameless, gave me his blessing to sell this dress in hopes that it IS once again, someone’s dream dress.”

“My physician husband and I are simplifying our lives starting in our closets. This is not just cleaning a closet, selling a dress to me, it is therapeutic and overdue.”

“I was assured this would not be hard to tailor, based in part on the corset back and seams in place so I am going to provide exact Measurements from my original notebook”

My height 5 feet 6 1/ inches. Weight 117.
Full Bust – 34 inches
Waist – 28 inches
Hips- 36 inches
Upper Bust- 33 inches
Under Bust- 33 inches
Nipple to Nipple -20 inches
Shoulder to Shoulder-14.5 inches
Length Shoulder to Bust-11 inches
Front Length Shoulder to Waist-14 inches
Outer Leg (from waist to floor V with shoes on, I used 2 inch heels)-45.5 inches
Height (from top of head to floor without shoes)-60.5 inches.

“These measurements are with corset tightened. Add about 1/2 inch with corset loosened per designer.”

“Completely lined, boning for structure on sides. Has been kept sealed from the elements.”

“I have no way of telling you its worth because it’s priceless to me. Given the incredible luxury of the material, his time and exquisite attention to detail and his fame, I would have paid $5,000 or more for it.”

“I can’t explain how good this will feel to not have in my closet but even better to know it will be worn with joy at someone else’s special day.”

“This will arrive to you from a non smoking and pet free home. Clean and ready to wear or have tailored.”

“Will ship within 3 business days of payment clearance. It will be specially packaged given its special nature.”

“Due to our current schedules and the specialty of this dress we are unable to provide refunds or returns. Please ask any questions!”

“Thank you SO much for looking. I will be ecstatic beyond words if someone buys it! We may be getting twins in May and this is such a turning, life changing event time. It feels like a weight has lifted from me by even listing this. It was hard to do but now that it is done, what joy.”

“Happy shopping!”

Glued on crafting rhinestones usually signify high class… fo’ sho – The seller is listing it at $300. Apparently that’s the going rate for “priceless” wedding gowns.

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