15 Worst Cake Nightmares Of All Time

April 7, 2015
15 Worst Cake Nightmares

It doesn’t matter what you are buying, there will always be someone that says they can do it for less. At least with the dress knock-offs, a bride can find a replacement before the big day – but, the cake? You don’t get see to that until the day of. With that in mind, here are the top 15 worst cake nightmares of all time. These unlucky brides were suckered in by people posing as professional bakers. Their reactions, as we imagine them, are illustrated to you in these scenes from My Cousin Vinny… Why? Because we think Ms. Mona Lisa Vito summed up that feeling best when she said… “Oh my God what a f%*@!&# nightmare!”

15 Worst Cake Nightmares Of All Time #1

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